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Van Chiang, the founder of Trinsight. He has extensive business design practice experience and team leadership skills. His excellent brand strategy, design skills and forward-looking international vision have successfully helped many multi-national enterprises to establish and improve the brand image. As the founder and team leader of the company, his management and guidance provide the most professional and high-quality services for each client.

Shuai Li, the founder of  Trinsight. She participated in a number of internationally interdisciplinary design projects, including graphic, illustration, space and interactive design; and played a leading role in the graphic design part of the projects. After obtaining the master’s degree in graphic design and illustration in the UK, she expertly applied art and illustration in different design projects and proposed effective and powerful visual solutions to the clients.

Kayle Wang, the founder of  Trinsight. She has the professional background in space and product design. The experience of living and working domestic and foreign makes her focus on design with a more open attitude. She has organized and participated in fashion events and weeks for many times, and successfully helped many designers to create and promote their brands. Her work scope is not limited to graphic design, product design and fashion brand establishment, while providing brand and product promotion programs for many enterprises.

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